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Patient Testimonials

What Our Patients Say:

“Dr. Pierre is by far the greatest optometrist! He has always shown a high level of professionalism, and it is obvious he truly cares for his patients. I wouldn’t trust any other doctor with eyes!” – Nunzio M. 4/23/18

“Present and past care by Dr. Jose Pierre, wonderful! He has a wonderful persona. And a very good Optometrist, very informative and caring. I would recommend him 100%. Always has a smile! – Sandra D. 4/10/18

“Dr Pierre is the best eye doctor I’ve ever had.Knowledgeable, patient, kind….I can’t day enough good things about Dr. Pierre. I wish all of my doctors were like him.” – Gail M. 2/11/18

“Dr. Pierre was wonderful! He was kind, funny, and very informative. He took his time and clearly explained everything to me and answered my questions without hesitating or seeming too rushed. I will definitely be returning to him and will be highly recommending him to all of my family and friends!! Thank you!!” – Heidi 11/10/17

“Dear Dr. Pierre, I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my sincere appreciation for the time you spent making sure my contact lens fitting was as close to perfect as anyone could expect. In all the years I have been seeing a ‘private’ optometrist, never have I been given such personal attention. The time you spent making sure my vision was corrected was above and beyond my expectations. Thank you again. I have already praised your professionalism to family and friends and highly recommend your services.” – Lisa S. 9/15

“I agree with a lot of the other testimonials that Dr. Pierre is extremely patient, and knowledgeable. I had ten million questions and he answered each one, not once rushing me out. He explained things thoroughly and well enough in terms that I could understand, and was extremely professional, but still had personality. The best part is (and I’m not sure if anyone else had this problem with other doctors), but he didn’t have bad breath. They face you and talk to you and nothing but a bad odor smacks you right in your face. I didn’t have that issue at all with Dr. Pierre. I’ve already told my friends about him and I would recommend him to everyone who needs a checkup or a thorough exam — Yeah, he’s that good.” – ALR 9/13/13

“Dr. Pierre was the first Dr. to find that I have diplopia. I went to 3 different neurologists and they couldn’t figure out why I have double vision and migraines. Dr. Pierre prescribed prisms in my lenses and that was the answer to my problems. Thank you Dr. Pierre.” – Patricia S. 4/6/13

“The doctor was very nice and thorough with our clients. His assistant was patient and caring.” – Anonymous 3/23/13

“Referred to Dr. Pierre from another patient. He gave me an exam a few years ago. I’ve been to “…” in Philadelphia and “…” in NYC. Dr. Pierre is as good or better than any eye doctor I’ve been to – including eye surgeons. The best, most comprehensive exam I’ve ever had and good eyeglass prescription! The quality of the lenses I bought wasn’t great. I think I bought the best Walmart had and they didn’t take much of a beating.” – Alicia S. 3/15/13

“Very happy with the whole experience. Other family members planning on coming in. Can’t wait to get glasses when they are finished!” – Julia R. 2/25/13

“Dr. Pierre and his staff are number 1 in my book, I have recommended him to friends and my significant other is also a patient of his. He will have our business for a long time to come.” – Thomas M. 2/28/12

“Certainly a convenient location and I have stopped in and spoken to the very friendly and helpful staff before setting up my last appointment. I have (very) dry eye issues and I need a Dr. that is willing to “work with me” to help me find the right contacts – Dr. Pierre was patient and thorough and I would HIGHLY recommend him and his whole Office/Staff.” – Brendan R. 2/16/10

“Dr. Pierre was the best eye doctor I have ever been to. Great personality, very professional, and he explains everything in a clear and understandable way. Thank you, and keep up the great work.” – Anonymous 2/16/10

“I’ve been to this doctor before. He is professional and willing to answer any questions. The doctor displays passion for his line of work, and places the patient’s comfort first.” – Anonymous 2/15/10

“Thank you very much for your very pleasant examination. I am very satisfied and will surely return for my periodic visits, you made me feel very relaxed and very satisfied. Thanking you, Kimberley B.” – 2/15/10

“Dr. Pierre is one of the most responsive doctors ever. He has no problem with gas-permeable contact lenses.” – Anonymous 11/6/09

“I’ve been to this doctor before. He is professional and willing to answer any questions. The doctor displays passion for his line of work, and places the
patient’s comfort first.” Anonymous 2/15/10

“Dr. Pierre is one of the most responsive doctors ever. He has no problem with gas-permeable contact lenses.” – Anonymous 11/6/09

“Dr. Pierre is the best, I hope he never leaves Wal-Mart Eye Center. He is kind, professional and most importantly PATIENT! I have come across many eye doctors who were not patient.” – Enid G. 11/2/09

“I was told that your office was a great one and people were pleased with the doctor – I liked him a lot, very caring and spent as much time as needed. I have recommended the doctor to a lot of people needing eye exams. He was a very pleasant doctor.”- Judy R. 10/27/09

“I like the way Dr. Pierre examined my eyes, I will surely visit him for my future needs and highly recommend to others.” – Anonymous 10/26/09

“Dr. Pierre was excellent. It was my sons first time with contacts and it took a while for him to learn to put them in. Dr. Jose was very understanding and patient – he even took his own (contact lens) out to show him how easy it was. I would recommend this doctor to my family. Thanks.” – Ellen G. 5/17/09

“Dr. Pierre – I have to tell you that I am extremely satisfied with the service you have provided to me and my family and have told all my friends and coworkers. Thanks! Deirdre H.” – 3/22/09

“Dr. Pierre was fantastic. I would recommend him to others. :)” – Dana D. 2/23/09

Survey Question: Why did you choose us for your eye health care? “Originally – convenient location, exam pricing, eyeglass & contact pricing. Once we met Dr. Pierre I knew this was a good fit. He is great with the kids!” – Anonymous 2/2/09

“Dr Pierre was very professional, knowledgeable, in addition to being very personable and having a good sense of humor. He was able to address a problem that I have had some time with my eyes that my eye doctor of 6 years couldn’t address. Look forward to seeing the results with the drops that he recommend that I take for 7 days. Will be fitted with contact lenses, hopefully by week’s end. Thanks, Dr Pierre! Sincerely, Joy N. R.” – 11/30/08